Emergency toilet plumbing services in Geelong AU? Sticker removal trick: It’s pretty annoying when you’re soldering copper pipe and there’s a big sticker right in the way. Instead of trying to remove the stubborn sticker by hand, heat it up till the paper burns off and then use some flux to remove any residual glue. Now that’s a headache saver!

Add pipe insulation on exposed pipes in your basement, along exterior walls, and outside your home. Wrap pipes in insulation tubes made from fiberglass or polyethylene to add a layer of protection against freezing. All unheated areas of your home that have pipes need pipe insulation on the pipes.

Making sure your heating works properly is one of the first steps to take before the cold season starts. Sometimes, though, even though you check the system at the start of fall, accidents can happen and your heating system may stop working in the middle of the winter. Have you been stuck in a snow storm before without heating? It’s not a great place to be… Give us a call next time you have a heating emergency. Whether there’s a faulty connection or the heater has been burned out, our team of Geelong plumbers will fix it for you on the spot. See even more information at Geelong Plumbing Services.

Replace outdated water heater: A traditional water heater has a lifespan of 8-12 years, while tankless models may last up to 20 years. Regardless of which type of water heater you own, if you haven’t replaced it by its average expiration date, then you could be putting yourself at risk for a costly leak, not to mention higher energy prices. Look for signs that the appliance is underperforming, such as a drop in water temperature or knocking sounds, and learn about factors that may reduce the amount of time that it remains operative.

After years of service helping home owners with plumbing jobs as small as tightening a pipe and as large as cleaning out septic tanks, we have the expertise to offer commercial plumbing services, as well. Our commercial plumbing services include all our home plumbing services. Whether your business or building need new pipes, have bathroom plumbing problems, or you need help detecting an underground leak, we can provide these services for you. Our team of Geelong Plumbers has the equipment necessary to do large-scale and small-scale jobs. Find more details at geelongplumb.com.au.