A few recommendations to correctly use the stand up inflatable paddle board. Don’t use abrasive soap. You don’t need to use soap every time, a freshwater rinse and towel down go a long way. However, it doesn’t hurt to clean your board with soap every now and again. If you do decide to use soap, check your manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure you’re graphics stay bright. If nothing specific is suggested look for something without any harsh chemicals. Marine supply shops usually carry several options that work well with iSUPs or you may have non-abrasive Castile soap on hand. If you’re still unsure about the soap you’re using, simply test it on a small section of the SUP and then check the results.

A good place to start is to figure out the dimensions of an inflatable SUP you’ve tried that felt good and was easy for you. Use that as a baseline of what you know you can paddle. This should give you an idea if the board was way too stable or not stable enough, then you can make judgments based off that. Demo or renting is the best way to get an idea about what type of board you want and also as great way to gauge what size you can handle. A very common size inflatable SUP for an average 180lb male who is intermediate would look something like 10′ x 32? x 220L (Like the Pakaloa SUP) and a very common size inflatable SUP for an average 125lb female would be 9’6? x 31? x 196L.

Balance: Paddle boarding relies on you being able to balance – otherwise, you just keep falling off. Balancing on a SUP can help you in many other areas of your life too. As we get older our sense of balance seems to get lower, and balancing on a SUP is a good way to counteract this. You don’t even have to paddle. Simply standing on the board in the water will work your muscles as you adapt to the movement of the water underneath you. A good sense of balance is vital for those in certain jobs, particularly any which involve ladders or heights. It can also help you on slippery days too, or if you trip and go to fall. If you participate in other sports, your added sense of balance could even help your performance in that too.

Easily Transportable and Versatile: Easily transportable due to its lightweight, the easy to inflate paddle board rolls up to a compact size and fits in your backpack or car trunk. You do not need a car / SUV roof rack to haul it. It is your go-to companion for fishing, yoga, and other adventures on lakes, rivers, and oceans. Meant for men, women, teenagers, and kids seeking to have fun in the water. Premium Quality Inflatable Stand up Paddle board: Made from quality material that surpasses military-grade PVC, the inflatable paddle board with handle offers the rigidity of hardboard with all the cool benefits of an ISUP. It has a bungee system of D-Rings and strong bungee cords, which help you pack a small haul.

Another inflatable stand up paddle board tip: Stay out of the way: The ocean is huge, lakes are big and the rivers are wide. Yet we always seem to want to paddle on the same square inch of water! Paddle boards are big and they can hurt when they hit you. Be mindful of other water users and when you’re learning the art of SUP. Make sure you have plenty of room to practice standing, falling and paddling. Look after your board and paddle: Paddle boards for beginners are big. To make them manageable, manoeuvrable and strong they need to be built out of lightweight high tech materials making them expensive. Look after your board and paddle, they are fragile when thrown around on land. Your board will thank you!