Kalimba songs and best brands reviews? Understandably, making the right choice of a Kalimba, especially if you’re new to it, can be overwhelming. You’ll need to ask your self what qualities and features of the instrument are important, as well as, assess the level of your playing skills. The answers to those questions will help decide on a model that’s best for you.

We love the Gecko 17 Key Kalimba for its style and design. It looks quite high end and is really attractive. In fact, everything about the packaging of this Kalimba gives you the feeling of luxury. Now, this is handmade. And Gecko sourced high-quality mahogany to make the body of this instrument. As for the tines, they decided to go for ore steel. In combination, these two materials give the Kalimba an outstanding look. But beyond the looks, the mahogany body and ore steel tines also give this Kalimba its characteristic sound. It’s a clean and very clear sound. In feel also, we are impressed by the Gecko 17 Key Kalimba. It’s superb and you’ll love running your fingers over this instrument. It is moderately priced, although we wouldn’t exactly call it budget. And so, to protect your investment, Gecko gives you an EVA protective box. This screams of quality and will definitely keep your Kalimba safe in case of accidents.

Depending on its organology, each Kalimba type has a specific way of being played, and the pressure may vary. Flat Board: a Kalimba made of flat solid wood with no holes. It can be play by resting on a flat surface so the vibrations are transmitted through and increase its resonance. Box or Hollow: a kalimba built with a resonance box that has a circular hole. It is similar to that of an acoustic guitar on effects. And it can be partially cover with the thumb, giving a distortion effect known as wah-wah. Acrylic : a Kalimba which use an acrylic type of glass and its transparent. The full body is same as the Board type kalimba without any hole. There are a lot more regarding the Kalimba. But we make it short since we just want you to have an idea. If you found some inconsistent data, kindly comment here or message us. Discover more details on kalimba tabs.

Built with solid Okoume, the UNOKKI Kalimba can vary from a rich chocolate brown to a lighter reddish color, depending on the variations in the wood. With each instrument having a slight difference in texture and color, the best kalimbas offer individuality and distinctiveness. Tine metal is used to construct the keys on the UNOKKI Kalimba, and each key is engraved with notes. Ideal for beginners, playing a kalimba with embossed or engraved keys can be easier and more convenient than relying solely on stickers to identify each note. If you’re new to the kalimba, you may be unfamiliar with exactly how the instrument is crafted. The keys on the UNOKKI Kalimba are slightly bent down to offer increased protection to your thumbs and fingers while you’re playing. This ensures complete comfort, regardless of how many hours you spend producing music!

Next up we have another bargain buy from the folks at Donner who always just about manage to undercut the competition. It is a typical trapezoid shaped kalimba (we have moved away from the adventurous bears) that is constructed from mahogany and is a little smaller in size than some. It features slight curves in place to provide hand rests. It is well-made and appears pretty durable the 17 featured tongues are steel with an engraved diatonic scale as well as numbers and it arrives well-tuned. It has a very basic bit of decor surrounding the sound hole and presents another nice affordable option for those torn on whether to invest in a kalimba. They also make a 10 note bass version that retails around the 20 dollar mark. It comes with a soft carry pouch, a tuning tool, and a user manual for easy reference. See more details at https://kalimba-tabs.com/.